10-second Snapchats. InstaWHAM. Being available and social 24/7 is tiring. Add to that the demands of studying, playing sports, and applying for college, and life can feel overwhelming. Hit pause for an hour. No yoga experience is required. Just bring your full attention (and intention). Our gentle, non-judgmental instructors will teach you mindfulness—what’s happening here and now—breathing, yoga, and journaling. These tools will provide a foundation that will support you throughout your life. As the Buddha said, “Find out for yourself what is truth, what is real.”

For teen girls we offer classes that foster personal development in a light hearted and lively group setting. In this hour long Vinyasa style class, we will practice yoga postures, yoga breathing techniques, and restorative postures that aim to build self confidence and strong, fit bodies. Teens classes are taught in a warm and supportive group setting.

Prenatal Yoga
A nurturing class designed to meet the changing needs of pregnancy. This class is a wonderful opportunity for pregnant women to share their experiences, connect with their developing baby, and prepare for childbirth through movement, relaxation, and breath techniques.

A gentle Hatha based class for children ages 4-7. The children will learn to move with grace, and increase strength and flexibility in a fun and playful environment. These classes are a structured rhythm that weave together story, song, verse, and movement. Asanas are taught with awareness of exploration of movement.

These classes present a consistent series of postures and yoga games to increase flexibility. This class will also foster concentration by practicing meditation games. Curiosity and imagination will be promoted by both listening to multicultural stories and creating one's own yoga stories and poses. Ages 7-11.

Aging Gracefully: Seniors (55+)
This class incorporates the careful use of a range of props and generous instructor assistance to help with mobility and alignment. In a loving and supportive class atmosphere, all students will be encouraged to gently deepen their yoga practices and to experience the joy of being younger this year.